Monterey Scottish Games & Festival showcases the remarkable competitive displays of events including Heavy Athletics, Drum Major Classics, Pipe Bands, and Highland Dancing. Rich in tradition and history, the competitors represent skilled talents from world renowned and local dance troops, pipe bands, and athletes.  Don\’t miss the heated competitions. Check the schedule of events for times, competitors, and rankings.

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Competitive events include heavy athletics, drum major classics, pipe bands and highland dancing require appropriate entry fees, application, and rankings.

Clan & Society booth entries require a specific application for the event.

Heavy Athletics

Our two day competition features fan favorite events like Caber Toss, Hammer & Stone Throw, Weight for Distance & Height, and the Sheaf Toss.   Over two days, multiple classes, age groups, and even youth games showcase the best each athlete has to offer in endurance, strength, and skill. Scottish Heavy Athletics provide all athletic supervision and registration.

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Solo Piping & Drumming Entry

Solo Pipers and Drummers compete in WUSPBA sanctioned competitions to earn honors for their performances as individual competitors. At the Monterey Scottish Games, they compete in Grades 4, (the lowest), to Grade 1. Scottish tunes are played as Marches, Strathspey / Reel and Jig / Hornpipe, and in the classic form of Gaelic piping, the Piobairachd (Pibroch). These soloists are often members of a larger pipe band organization, and this is an excellent chance to show off their individual talents. Grade 4 solo piping and all solo drumming competitions are on Saturday morning. Grades 1, 2, and 3 solo pipingcompetitions are on Sunday morning.

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Registration is required for all competitors.

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Highland Dancing

Although historically Highland dancing was restricted to males as a way to keep soldiers sharp on the battle field, today it is mostly performed by females. No matter who dances them, Highland dances require both athletic and artistic skill. Some competitors perform classic Highland favorites requiring well over 150 jumps in one song. Don’t miss out on this amazing display of skill and precision.  See schedule for times and competitors.

Registration is required for all competitors.

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