Clans are kinship groups among the Scottish people and are generally identified with geographical areas originally controlled by their founders or an ancestral castle. Clans give a sense of shared identity and ancestral heritage to members. Most have their own tartan patterns, usually dating from the 19th century, which are often into kilts or other clothing. The Festival\’s Clan Village is devoted to all things Scottish; histories, tartans, and a lively and informative social scene.

For a firsthand look, visit these informative booths in “Clan Village”

2017 Best Clan:  Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

PAST Clans in attendance


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Big Trees Highland Games

Clan Blair

Clan Bruce

Caledonian Club of San Francisco

Clan Chattan

Clan Cian

Clan Cochran

Clan Crawford

Clan Donnachaidh

Clan Elliot

Clan Farquharson

Glen of Imaal Terriers

House of Gordon

Clan Graham of the West

Clan Gunn

Clan Lamont

Clan Logan

Clan MacDougall

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

Clan MacLean

Clan MacLennan

Clan MacLeod

Clan MacPherson

Clan MacVicker

Scottish American Military Society (SAMS)

South Bay Scottish Society

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